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Mindgames at Unit: 1/10


Outer Space (live)
[Spectrum Spools, Blast First Petite: US]

Peter Van Hoesen (hybrid live & dj)
[Time To Express: Berlin]


Naoki Shinohara [Soul People Music]
Van Cliffe
So [Mindgames, Tri-Bute]


Open: 23:30
Unit start: 24:00
Charge: Door 4,000 yen


一夜のストーリーはOuter Spaceのライブで始まる。Outer Spaceは、現在Bee Mask、Donato Dozzy、Steve Mooreと言った面々がリリースをして来たエクスペリメンタルテクノレーベル"Spectrum Spools"を主宰するJohn Elliottと相方のAndrew Veresによるユニットである。

Outer Spaceとしては2012年のLabyrinthで日曜の夜に壮大で空間的なライブセットを、また翌年はImaginary Softwoodsとして、降りしきる雨の中、グリーンに照らされたティピの中でディープなセットを披露した。このセットはどちらも非常に印象深く、脳裏に焼き付いてる方も多いだろう。JohnとDrewは今回のライブセットを全て新しい素材だけで敢行するべく、数ヶ月に渡ってジャムセッションを続けている。今回の東京でのショーは世界に先がけたものとなるだろう。


Outer Spaceに続くのは、我らがThe LabyrinthのレジデントでもあるPeter Van Hoesen。Donato Dozzyと共に、彼が世界的にも秀逸なテクノDJであることはすでに疑いのない事実で、Labyrinthの音楽性、またフェスそのものの中核を担っている。2014年のLabyrinthでもDJとライブを行き来する完璧なハイブリッドセットを行ったことは記憶に新しい。今回もまたMoog VoyagerとMu-tron Bi-phaseを駆使した4時間余に渡るサイケデリックなセットで我々を様々な領域に導き、期待に応えてくれるであろう。

Mindgames has special plans for January 10th at Unit. We rarely do club events, but when we do, they are proper mental.

The night begins with a live set from Outer Space. Outer Space is John Elliott’s project with Andrew Veres. John Elliott runs Spectrum Spools, the best experimental music label there is today, in our opinion, with releases from artists such as Bee Mask, Donato Dozzy, Steve Moore, and Container.

As Outer Space, John and Drew played an epic cosmic set to close the Sunday night of Labyrinth in 2012, and as Imaginary Softwoods they played a deeply personal final set of Labyrinth, as the green-lit tipi and floor were hit by the hard rain of an approaching typhoon.

Both those sets are deeply engrained in our memories. John and Drew have been jamming together in the studio for the past few months exclusively preparing for this live set of all new material. An Outer Space live show is a rare happening anywhere in the world, and this will be their first time to play in Tokyo.

Don’t be late, as Outer Space drones begin as soon as the doors to the main room open at midnight.

After Outer Space, we have the Labyrinth resident, Peter Van Hoesen, unquestionably one of the world’s finest techno dj’s. Peter Van Hoesen, together with the other resident Donato Dozzy, is the heart and soul of the Labyrinth. At Labyrinth 2014 Peter performed a timeless and perfect set going back and forth between live and dj sections. This time around Peter will be performing with a deadly combo of Moog Voyager and Mu-tron Bi-Phase. Expect psychedelica.

This synths, drum machines, and effects live+dj hybrid set is something Peter only performs in a very few places. Labyrinth is one. Mindgames at Unit is another. Unit is a place with special significance for Peter and for us. The first time Peter played Unit was right after the earthquake of 2011, where we gathered for a night of friendship and healing. 

This will be a long 4+ hour set where we can all get lost, and where we can all get found. 


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