Donato Dozzy and Peter Van Hoesen: 1/9 @UNIT
Wednesday, December 23, 2015 at 1:06PM
2016年の年明けに私たちはMindgamesのふたりのレジデントDJであるDonato DozzyとPeter Van Hoesenを同時に招聘し、UNITで初となる共演を実現します。DonatoとPeterは互いに親交が深いだけではなく、私たちMindgames、また代官山UNITとも関係が深く、今回の一夜を特別なものにすべく、オープンからクローズまで共にステージに立ち、それぞれの音源を用いて織り交ぜたハイブリットLive/DJセットを敢行予定。完全にマージされたひとつのストーリーとして皆さんに届けます。

To begin 2016, we are bringing the two Labyrinth resident dj’s, Donato Dozzy and Peter Van Hoesen, to play together at Unit for the first time ever. Donato and Peter have a special relationship not only with each other but also with Mindgames and Unit, so on this occasion they have decided to do something unique. On 1/9, they will be playing on stage together from open to close, both playing hybrid live/dj set-ups, merging into a single sound, playing as a single unit.



The number 19 is called “the unit”. 1+9 = 10, 1+0= 1 (ONE)

The reciprocal of 19 gives a decimal number which consists of a 19-digit sequence that repeats infinitely. The number that accompanies 19 is the number 81, both summed make 100, which is the next UNIT.

81 =  8+1 = 9

81 is also 9 x 9, hence the maximum expression of 9, the grand ennead.

The reciprocal of 81 is 0.01234567890123456789...
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