Monday, April 1, 2019 at 10:38AM
10月12 (土曜) ~ 10/14 (月曜 祝日)
水上宝台樹キャンプ場 (群馬県)

[早割券1] <ペーパーチケット>
¥18,000 (枚数限定) ※200枚のみ
発売日:4月20日 午前11時
ディスクユニオン 渋谷クラブミュージックショップ
150-0042 東京都渋谷区宇田川町30-7アンテナ21 4F

[早割券2]  <eチケット>
¥20,000 (枚数限定)
発売日:5月11日 正午

[前売券]  <eチケット>
¥22,000 (枚数限定)
発売日:6月08日 正午


The Labyrinth 2019
October 12-14
Minakami Hodaigi Campground (Gunma)

This event is a pre-sale tickets only event. There are no tickets sold at the gate. Ticket price includes camping and the parking shuttle bus. Please be aware that parking tickets will be sold separately. The event will take place in the case of rain. But tickets will not be refunded if there are artist cancellations, or if the event is cancelled for natural disaster or any reason.

Early Bird Discount Round #1 <paper ticket>
Price: 18,000 yen (200 tickets only)
Start: April 20, 11:00 am~ 
Store: Disk Union Shibuya Club Music Shop

Early Bird Discount Round #2 <e-ticket>
Price: 20,000 yen (limited)
Start: May 11, noon ~ 

Regular PreSale <e-ticket>
Price: 22,000 yen (limited)
Start: June 8 , noon ~

Additional information regarding the event and e-ticket sales will be posted soon.


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