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Donato Dozzy and Peter Van Hoesen: 1/9 @UNIT

2016年の年明けに私たちはMindgamesのふたりのレジデントDJであるDonato DozzyとPeter Van Hoesenを同時に招聘し、UNITで初となる共演を実現します。DonatoとPeterは互いに親交が深いだけではなく、私たちMindgames、また代官山UNITとも関係が深く、今回の一夜を特別なものにすべく、オープンからクローズまで共にステージに立ち、それぞれの音源を用いて織り交ぜたハイブリットLive/DJセットを敢行予定。完全にマージされたひとつのストーリーとして皆さんに届けます。

To begin 2016, we are bringing the two Labyrinth resident dj’s, Donato Dozzy and Peter Van Hoesen, to play together at Unit for the first time ever. Donato and Peter have a special relationship not only with each other but also with Mindgames and Unit, so on this occasion they have decided to do something unique. On 1/9, they will be playing on stage together from open to close, both playing hybrid live/dj set-ups, merging into a single sound, playing as a single unit.



The number 19 is called “the unit”. 1+9 = 10, 1+0= 1 (ONE)

The reciprocal of 19 gives a decimal number which consists of a 19-digit sequence that repeats infinitely. The number that accompanies 19 is the number 81, both summed make 100, which is the next UNIT.

81 =  8+1 = 9

81 is also 9 x 9, hence the maximum expression of 9, the grand ennead.

The reciprocal of 81 is 0.01234567890123456789...

Sebastian Mullaert & Ulf Ericksson at the Labyrinth 2015

今年のラビリンスで共演したSebastian MullaertとUlf ErickssonによるLIVE/DJセットの録音音源をお届けします。"Full Circle”と名付けられ、アーティストと音楽と、そこにいた観衆全体で一体感のある雰囲気が作られ、美しくオーガニックな空間が出来上がった2015年ラビリンスの初日夜の記憶を思い起こしつつ、お楽しみ頂ければと思います。

We're happy to present the recording of Sebastian Mullaert and Ulf Ericksson's live/dj set at the Labyrinth 2015. Seb and Ulf played the first night, entitled "Full Circle". It was a set where everything came together beautifully and organically, crowd and artists and music, and we all felt it was something worth sharing.

Here is the full 3.5 hour live recording, together with a few words from Seb and Ulf: 

"For me, everything comes and goes in circles. And like everything else these circles are unpredictable; spiralling and reformulating like a kaleidoscope. Manifestations of patterns in this very moment; Consciousness.

I played the first edition of Labyrinth, had a few returns during the years and now returned for the 15th edition. Russ and Yasuyo, together with their Mindgames crew, have always performed their festival with a focused and radical mind; one intention, one passion - to create a psychedelic experience of dance surrounded by the Japanese nature. While the festival has grown in many ways since my first episode at Labyrinth, this radical focus on the mind-altering experience and the true love for dance have remained the same, with no sign of resignation.

This year I shared the stage together with Ulf Eriksson; a friend who has become a very special creative collaborator. To be a part of Labyrinth and to play this specific gig is the most magical experiential puzzle of moments I've shared with Ulf. This is an experience that will continue to remind us why we are doing this – why we are part of this ever shifting circle, spiralling into inspiration upon aspiration - something that never stops. I'm forever thankful to Russ and Yasuyo both for giving us the opportunity to play, sharing this recording and also creating a series of experiences and stimulations, resulting in each of us that listens as individuals becoming a part of something bigger and more all-encompassing – a circle that connects us beyond the realms of materialism, into the unpredictable.

Russ, Yasuyo and the Labyrinth are a true source of inspiration and a reminder to all of us in love with dance and electronic music that there is no end to the power of experience. 

Let us continue to remind each other, again and again, circle by circle, moment by moment into eternity."

- Sebastian Mullaert


"To play the Labyrinth festival has always been a bit of a dream of mine. Why, I do not know exactly. Maybe it's because it takes place far away, in Japan. Maybe it's because of all the stories you have heard from the festival. Maybe it's because of the unique tribal mystic that surrounds it, in combination with the nature of the location. Maybe it's because of the small group of artists, who all become like family for a few days. I do not know. But what I do know is that this dream has always been there and I am sure I share I it with a lot of musicians and DJs around the world. Anyway, 2015 I was lucky enough to be offered a slot, due in large part to my collaboration with Sebastian Mullaert, who already played there many times, both as Son Kite and as Minilogue.

So there we were behind the Labyrinth tipi, me and Sebastian, ready to go. Or, rather, not ready at all. We had prepared each to our selves but never found the time to meet up and rehearse together. I remember that Sebastian looked at me just before the set, and said something like: "I will not be sad or disappointed if things do not go well". I guess he was trying to calm me down since he knew I was kind of nervous. Anyway, off we went and thankfully, for some unknown reason, it was one of those gigs where everything just felt right.

So here is the recording. I still have not listened to it, and I do not think I will. I think I prefer to stay with the live memory of how it sounded. But I do hope that you will listen to the set, and that it will give you pleasure and meaning, just as my memory of it."

- Ulf Eriksson


Exit the Labyrinth

Exit the Labyrinth 2015


23:30 Open

SCUBA (Hotflush)
JOHN OSBORN (Tanstaafl Records)

SO (Mindgames)
HIYOSHI (Mindgames)

◉ 入場料金 (Door)

◉ リストバンド (with Labyrinth wrist band)

◉ スタッフ (Labyrinth Staff)

※ ゲストリスト、ディスカウントリストは御座いません。
No guest list. No discount list.


Peter Van Hoesen Labyrinth 2014 Set

【The Labyrinth 2015 出演アーティスト情報】"Peter Van Hoesen" 昨年も劇的なLIVE/DJハイブリッドセットを披露したPeter。その録音音源をお届けします。

The first Labyrinth 2015 artist announcement.

Peter Van Hoesen.

And to celebrate, a recording of PVH's spectacular hybrid dj/live set from Labyrinth 2014. Many thanks for Peter for that evening, and for letting us post a record of it here.



Labyrinth 2015


More info coming soon...